Thank you for stopping by! Helpful hints for ordering! Due to our baking and operations schedule and process, we do not accept walk-ins. Please order ahead and online (48 HRS) to schedule pickup at our baking facility in Fullerton! If you have a future arrival date in mind, please advise in the comment section for your order. Don't forget, you can always freeze our cakes (up to 4 months), defrost at room temperature and serve. SHIPPING! We ship Mondays-Wednesday (2-day shipping). For Southern CA addresses, we ship Mondays-Fridays (most arrive in 1-day). For Shipping or scheduled pick up! While we cannot guarantee shipping by Thanksgiving at this point, You can still order cakes online for pick up through Wednesday 11/22 at by 12pm in Fullerton! Schedule a time in the comment/notes field in your order. Thank you for supporting small businesses!

FAQs - Everything you need to know!


Where is your bakery located?

  • Dolce Monachelli's will be opening a storefront soon! We are located at 765 South State College Street Suite B, Fullerton CA, 92831. While we work out the kinks and figure out our opening hours, please order online and schedule pick up! 

How do I find out where you will be selling?

  • Check out our pages Farmer's Market Schedule and Special Events for a list of our markets. Please keep in mind our typical markets do close for holidays and bad weather. You can also follow us on our social medias for up to date information.

I'm local to Orange County, can I just pick up my order?

  • Yes, We offer pick ups, via appointment only, Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) at the bakery, so long as it is scheduled ahead of time. You can also pick up at any of our Farmer's Markets with 2 days notice, just add the event and specific day if ordering ahead of time into the "Desired Arrival Date, Greeting Card Note, and Variety Pack - Flavor Choices" section at checkout.



What size cakes do you offer?

  • We offer 3 sizes for shipping: Larges at 10 inch diameter, Mediums at 8 inch diameter and our Minis at 3 inch diameter. The Minis come in 4 or 6 packs and can be ordered as all the same flavor under the flavor listing, or as a Variety Pack, also in 4 or 6, with flavors requested at checkout in the "Ship By Date, Greeting Card Note, and Variety Pack - Flavor Choices" section. Please check the listing for current available flavors.

I noticed at the Farmer's Market you also offer BabyCakes, why can't I order those online?

  • Once upon a time we did a test to ship out BabyCakes to Boston! While they still tasted amazing, they looked like they had been kicked around and run over a few times! BabyCakes are very fragile, and since they are not individually wrapped, they just get tossed around during the shipping process. You may email us to pick up a box at our baking facility or set aside a box at a farmer's market! Please call/email reserve 48 hours ahead of when you need it. 

How long are your cakes good for?

  • Our cakes last 4-6 days on the counter, or 4-5 months in the freezer if properly re-wrapped.

Can I refrigerate my cakes?

  • We recommend freezing only to prolong the life of your cakes, as refrigerators are designed to get rid of moisture to prevent mold and will  lead to dry cakes. Some of our cakes taste even better frozen, so give it a try!

Why is this flavor listed as out of stock?

  • Some flavors are seasonal only and once their season passes they will get swapped out for the next season's batch of flavors.

Can I still order an out of season flavor?

  • While certain flavors are out of rotation on our regular menu, we would be happy to help with special orders! I hear Pineapple Upside Down cake is hard to find year round! Please order 72 hours ahead! 

I have a Nut Allergy

  • While we do bake in a facility that may have traces of pecans, we do make plenty of flavors of cakes that do not have nuts in them.  (i.e. Italian Butter Rum (no nuts), lemon citrus, cinnamon churro, unicornfetti, red velvet, chocolate whiskey, just to name a few)

I have a Gluten Allergy

  • We offer Gluten-Free cakes made with rice flour! We have worked really hard over the last 10 years to re-tool our gluten free cakes so they are edible! but really, they are just as delicious as our regular cakes! 

I am diabetic/need something less sweet.

  • Currently we offer a Sugar-Free/Stevia Carrot Cake and other sugar free varieties! 

I am vegan, are there any cakes without any dairy/animal product?

  • We do not offer any Vegan products at this time.  



What days do you ship on?

  • Super important! This is to ensure freshness of the cakes so the recipient will enjoy the cakes as much as you do!  We only ship Mondays-Wednesdays for most orders, and Monday-Thursdays for orders in Southern California, excluding holidays. To ensure freshness, orders are shipped 24 hours AFTER confirmation to their destination. You may specify in the notes field if you'd like to delay shipment to a specific date of arrival. Please email/call if you need something more urgently or if you are ordering for pick up. We will refund you the shipping cost. 

What type of shipping do you offer?

  • We ship via Fed-Ex Ground/Home delivery and 2 Day Express. Special charges apply for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. International orders please inquire via e-mail.

Can I add a note to be shipped with my delivery as a gift?

  • Yes! Feel free to add the type of special event it is and a note into the "Desired Arrive-By Date, Greeting Card Note, and Variety Pack - Flavor Choices" section at checkout and it will be included in the packing slip. 

Why is shipping so expensive?

  • Cakes are sadly perishable items, as such we ship Express, 2 day maximum, in order to ensure they arrive with more than enough time to eat. Sometimes it takes planes, trains, and automobiles to get a special package delivered and we pay accordingly. We are always looking for ways to ship the cakes in a more affordable manner, stay tuned! 

I'm local to Orange County, can I just pick up my order?

  • Yes, We offer pick ups, by appointment only, Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) at the bakery, so long as it is scheduled ahead of time.  You can also pick up at any of our Farmer's Markets with 48 hours days notice.

I want to order ahead of time, can the shipping be delayed until my event?

  • Yes, please just note the date you need your order to arrive on in the "Desired Arrive-By Date, Greeting Card Note, and Variety Pack - Flavor Choices" section at checkout.

I want to order for a large event/party/corporate gifts, do you do discounts?

  • Send us an email with your name/email/phone and what you are looking for. Someone from our team will be happy to reach out to you to help bring Dolce Monachelli's cakes to your event/customer!